March - creative challenge


Wohhh, tomorrow we are starting our creative challenge and it would be wonderful if you join us!

Challenge: Create every day for the entire month of march 2019 (even if it is for 5 min) Inspiration, motivation, skills, it all comes down to showing up ! Drawing, painting, playing and experimenting. It can be a face a day, or working on a painting every day, a stillife whatever suits you best!

I have always admired people who would have sketchbooks full of drawings. I have bought so many and never filled one to the end. (except for studio projects) So, I will draw something into my sketchbook ever day!

I love artistic challenges because:

  • it motivates me to be disciplined

  • my skills improve

  • it pushes me to explore other directions

  • I get to share the journey with others

  • It is stimulating to see the work of others

  • I meet new like minded artists

  • I am having fun

It would be fabulous if you join us. …not because we are artists, means that we have to be isolated, it is fun to be in a creative community. I opened a closed FB group, to share our creatios of this month.

Sending you a hug and creative vibes!!!! Yvpmme

Yvonne MorellComment