How to make your own stamps

I love to include collage paper into my paintings. But it is even more special when they are hand made. I am happy to share with you how to make your own designed stamps.

Material I use:

Print blocks (they are soft and easy to work)

Linoleum cutting tools (you can buy them in a set)


I used acrylic paint but you can use other paints

Tracing paper

How to make stamps

I draw my design with a regular pencil on the block.

You can cut out the negative space (what goes around your drawn objet)

or the object

Carve deep enough that a little paint will not fill in the caps you carved

With a cutter you can easily cut the size of you stamp

You can glue them to a piece of wood or cork to be able to hold them better but it is not necessary

Apply paint with a brayer on the stamp or spread some paint with the brayer on your palette and dip your stamp on the paint.

Print on paper or directly on your canvas.

How to make a text stamp

You can not write directly on the stamp unless you comfortable to writing in reversed.

I write with a dark pencil (B6-9) on a tracing paper.

Place it face down on the block

Rub with a spoon, pencil or anything flat over it.

The pencil marks will be transfered on the block and I am ready to start carving.

There are so many ways to make stamps this is just one. Have fun creating!!!

Yvonne MorellComment