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Hi and welcome

I am so happy that you are visiting! I am a painter, a teacher and forever a student on this art journey. I hope to be able to share my passion with you. If you wish to visit me in my studio, are interested in a workshop or simply would like to browse through my website, be my guest!

What I offer

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What is happening in my studio

ZigZag - The art studios in Rolle will open their doors for a week-end

21 et 22 of Septembere

Parcours artisique ZigZag Rolle

Parcours artisique ZigZag Rolle

Parcours artistique ZigZag Rolle

Parcours artistique ZigZag Rolle


So happy to announce that I will be part of this fun group of teacher.


…I will be giving a spot away on my blog on the 30 th of September (if you do not want to miss the date sign up to my newsletter. I will remind you and send the link!



How to find your way back to your easel after a long break

Sometimes after a long vacation or just working too much, we can feel a bit lost when it comes to creativity and we have no inspiration anymore.

That is not a problem at all, we all need a break once in a while. But now lets get back to what we love to do. To create.! Let me guide you gently back into thinking of art, colors and projects. For 7 days you will receive an e-mail into you inbox with a little spark of inspiration and tips how to get back into your creative habits.

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