Tips to use gelliplate paper to make a collage


Usually after a long vacation I come back to my studio and feel a bit lost, pottering around trying to find my marks again. But not this year. I jumped right in, getting my gelli plate out, digging in my drawers and starting a collage! There are so many possibilities. You need to try this!I

Get your stack of paper out or have fun printing them

That is when the stack of leftovers get soooo handy, finding the right piece, a real treasure hunt!

I placed them roughly keeping in mind to do a person without really making a proper body and glued them to my paper with acrylic binder.


Painting the face

I ripped a piece of paper in the shape of a head and painted my little lady.


Choosing accessoirs

I found a few flower shaped prints that I had once made and now the fun starts....

So many choices, I kept on moving them in any possible and impossible position. ... I think I will sleep it over and see where my little lady would like to have her head placed! If you are giving it a try to make a gelliprint collage as well, please post it below! I would love to see it!




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