How to find inspiration again

Tips to find inspiration in painting

When daily life is getting too busy, summer breaks away from painting too long, we can easily get distracted and suddenly find ourselves in front of an empty page, or a white canvas wondering what on earth am I going to paint?  But do not worry, there are solutions to that!

In my case, I realized that inspiration starts in my head or in my heart, way before creating. Waking up in the morning thinking of colors, or shapes, was usually sparked by something specific. A pattern of a summer dress, a painting, a memory, or everyday life.

 Now, what to do when you think inspiration has left you.

Well, first! Do not panic, it can happen to everyone. The good news is:

Inspiration can never leave can only leave inspiration!

  • Immediately stop the 'Calimero' self loathing, poor me.., I will never be able to paint again. Inspiration has abandoned me. That does not exist.
  • Start collecting images and objects that you like, inspire you, or that you simply find beautiful.
  • Surround yourself with your work:  paintings, sketches and doodles.
  • Visit art exhibitions. Looking at paintings and talking to people with the same interest will get you back into the creating mood.
  • Join an art class with a specific project that looks like fun to you. Sometimes being guided on what to do can be refreshing as well. It is a good start, and I am sure your own ideas will start coming in.
  • I am a great believer in sketchbooks. Making little sketches of ideas, writing them down, associating spots of colors, or collecting patterns that appeal to you. If you do that regularly, it is great base, to go though them, in times when you have a hard time to get back into your projects.
  • If you have a studio or working area, just going there, even if it is to tidy up, to hang out, or sharpening your color pencils is a good start.
  • But then.. dive in and start on little projects, nothing too ambitious.  It is better a small creation daily without any expectations, just simply to have fun. 
  • If even that seems hard, then go back to basics. What did you learn first? Was it drawing - go back and draw. Mixed media - start collecting paper and make a collage!
  • Most important of all: Work - play - experiment without judgement! 

Pablo Picasso said it so well:

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.


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