Jump start your creativity after a long vacation. Join me!

Tips and inspirations to get back to your easel. 7 day jump start.

When I get back from a long vacation I always feel a bit lost when it comes to my creativity. I look around my studio and wonder where to start. Some of my students even tell me that they forgot how to paint!

That is not a problem at all since a great vacation is good for anyone and we can always get right back into it!

But let’s not wait until october,.. so are you ready, and join me for that jump start?!!!!

Let me guide you gently back into thinking of art, colors and projects and get back to painting. For 7 days you will receive an e-mail into you inbox with tips and inspirations on how to get back into your creative habit. You will get the first ‘spark’ on Wednesday the 28th of august 2019! Join me! …and tell a friend that might needs it! The more we are, the more dynamic it will be!

Yvonne MorellComment