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In the lead up to the Make Create Express FREE Creative Retreat Weekend we thought it would be fun to have a Creative Invitation- This is not a challenge but an invitation, an invitation to share a bit about our creative lives and practices and a chance to take a peek into the creative lives and practices of other artists and creative collaborators- Do join us, we’d love to see into your creative practice too.

Starts on the 22nd of June

How does it work?

  • Simple, each day, starting from the 22nd of June, share a photo and some words inspired by the prompts above, so on the 22nd- favourite creation, on the 23rd- your creative space and so on.

  • Be sure to follow us over on Instagram or at Facebook for the daily prompt breakdown.

  • You can share them on Facebook, Instagram or your blog.

  • If you are sharing on Instagram please use the hashtags #creativeinvitation19 & #artismagiconline so we can find you all.

  • If you are sharing on your blog please come back here and share your link with us in the comments.

  • If you are sharing on Facebook you might like to join our Art is Magic Community Group

That’s it- Let’s have some fun with this, and get to know each other better. And do please share and invite other creatives you know to play.

See u there Yvonne

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