Workshop with Denis Lach

I love to learn new things. Last week I had the chance to take a 3 day workshop with Denise Lach. What an incredible artist and teacher. She works calligraphy like no one else. She is known for using texture as a source of inspiration and translates it into letters. 

Book Denise Lach
book of Denis Lach
Denis Lach Book

It was so interesting that we didn't learn any specific lettering but only worked with our own handwriting, that we adjusted. We got to use different tools and also printed with simple objects such as a stone, a piece of wood that made wonderful marks.

During the 3 days we used the same format and wrote the same sentence in any possible way did give me some flashbacks from school ... 


First day of the workshop...I had never been so tired after a day of creating...

Workshop with Denise Lach

It was such a privilege to take this workshop and I had a blast! This book has wonderful illustrations and is translated in many languages. You can also check out her website.    I hope you enjoy her creations as much as I did!

Denis Lach Buch
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