yvonne morell


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A day of creativity for you!



12th of march 2019

Colors, collage, abstract or realist, we will approach the subject of stillife with imagination and full of life, following your mood.

Couleurs, collages, abstraction ou  très réaliste, nous allons aborder le sujet de la nature morte avec pleine de vie et fantaisie et suivrons vos envies.

Date: Tuesday 12 of march 2019
Hours:  9:30-16:00 (1hour of lunchbreak)
Prize: Fr. 150.-  material included except canvas and paint brushes
Please bring your own lunch


Charcoal and dry pastel

Saturday 23 of march 2019

A half day exploring the beauty of working with charcoal and dry pastels. Different composition and introduction to the portrait. (class will continue in April)

Date: Saturday 23th of march 2019
Time:  9:30-12:00
Prix: Fr. 75.- all matérial included


Working on your own project

15th of March

Bring your own painting or drawing and enjoy to paint in company with my advice and the exchange of the group.

Date: Friday 15th of March 2019
Time:  12:30 -16:00
Prix: Fr. 65.-  Material included except canvas and paint brushes.