130 year old paint shop in Paris - Sennelier

It is just amazing that we can still can go to that same art supply shop where Picasso, Degas and many other artists bought their art supplies.


The best art shop experience ever

Walking along Quai Volter you will find this fantastic shop on number 3. Every time I go to Paris I just have to drop in for a while and imagine artists, over 100 years ago, wandering around the shop, getting their art supplies here. Picasso, Degas, Gauguin and others counted among the customers. It is now the 4th generation of the family Sennelier that still keeps the shop.

Old wooden Shelves are stocked up to the top all the way to the ceiling. Often you will ask for a product and they will reach for a wooden ladder to get it for you It reminded me a bit of Harry Potter in that old shop choosing his magic stick. The last time I bought myself this wonderful black ink, thick and with a wonderful satin shine.

Sennelier Paris

Sennelier Paris

A interesting article to read about the history of the shop and some of the product we all love to use, like oil pastels and Sennelier article in general.


Yvonne Morell