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Workshop in Switzerland - Lake Geneva

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Mixed media portrait

Let’s have fun together!!! I love when I am surrounded with all sorts of art material, to paint, collage, incorporate lines, dream, invent… a fish as your best friend or a pink chicken, everything will be possible in this two days. I love to use my imagination and create freely. In this tow days we will work with collage, acrylic paint and all sorts of materials.

Join me for the fun ! (can be combined with my workshop before with Marina Teding Van Berkhout)


Dates: 22nd and 23rd of May



About me..

I am Swiss German living next to lake Geneva. Art is my passion. I love to get up, have my head spinning with projects, images and colors, to have a cup of tea and dash off to my studio. My inspirations come mostly from everyday life. People, towns, object whatever catches my attention. It is so rewarding to have it come alive on my canvas..like meeting a new friend. I exhibit my paintings regularly.

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I also love to share the passion of creating. The creative communities, locally and online makes the journey so much richer…what would life be without human connections and friendships. I hope to welcome you in my studio.

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My studio

My studio


about the Workshop

My workprocess besides the technical part has a lot to do with a particular philosophy when it comes to painting. There are so many rules everywhere..if I can not be free on my canvas then where can I…

We will be working on that mindset and I am also happy to share with you one of my working process that I have developped over time as well as my source of inspiration. I will explane the different possibilities of preparing the canvas, painting with a paintbrush and palette knife in one painting. We will work with a gelliplate to create collage paper and go on an adventure of inventing our animal friends and whatever surrounds them. It is all about letting your imagination go, allow some crazy ideas take place on your canvas and most of all have a lot of fun!

Workshop locaton: Yvonne Morell Atelier no2 - Place de L’industrie 2, 1162 Rolle

Date: 22nd and 23rd of May

Time: 9:30 - 12:00 13:30 -16:30

We will eat in a close by restaurant or pic-nic at the lake.

All material included except canvas: (can be bought in my studio) Bring your own paint brushes.


Some of my paintings

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cat painting
Mon ami l'oiseau.jpg

 REGISTRATION OPEN - Book now - Limited space

Mixed media project with YVONNE MORELL

22th and 23rd of May


Yvonne Morell and Marina Teding Van Berkhout 19th- 23rd with 1 day off for site seeing

Where we are locates

My studio is in a small town Rolle right next to lake Geneva. We are surrounded by vineyards, close to beautiful cities like Lausanne Nyon and a half an hour away form Unisco protected area.

2 minutes by foot from the studio

2 minutes by foot from the studio

Rolle - my town. Studio 2 min from the castel.

Rolle - my town. Studio 2 min from the castel.

30min from the studio - UNESCO world heritage site

30min from the studio - UNESCO world heritage site

How to get there and where to stay:

By plane: Geneva Airport - there are trains Geneva -Rolle (takes about 30min, without changing) It is about 5min walking distance from Rolle train station to towncenter and my studio. (check the map on my website under CONTACT)

Train: Rolle - 5min walk from the trainstation to my studio and town center

Car: Motorway exit Rolle. Close to my studio are longtime parking spaces (10h)

If you are not from here chose any B&B or Hotel in Rolle. I will be happy to provide you with a list.