Advents calendar for creatives


Drawing one evening, a cup of tea next to me, a fire in the chimney I felt it was so peaceful that I decided to make advents calendar for my lovely students to pass on a bit of that magic.

Simple, 24 envelops made with gift rapping paper , stapled and hanged on strings of rope on a hanger. I AM SO PLEASED!

Home made advent calendar
advents kalander close up.jpeg

I filled my little pockets of love with an image for every day, as an inspiration to draw, sometimes an additional artists quote or a little will be fun. Most of us probably got our last advents calendar ages ago.

December is wonderful but can also be stressful. I little break every day and the magic of drawing will just be perfect! I wish you a joyfull advent.

Advents kalender me.jpg
Yvonne Morell